Marijuana at NC State

Marijuana is the second-most common recreational drug used by NC State students, only out-paced by alcohol. While national recreational teen use of marijuana has decreased in the last few years, marijuana citations among NC State students by University Police have increased. However, only 12% of NC State undergraduates use marijuana on a regular basis.

Marijuana and the Law

While the legalization for medicinal and recreational purposes for marijuana is present (or will be legal as of Jan 1, 2017) in 29 of the United States, generally it is still not legal in North Carolina unless you have a very specific and diagnosed medical condition; even then the only allowable marijuana possession is low in the component that produces the euphoric effect. So, it is illegal to possess, buy, sell and grow marijuana in the State of North Carolina. Breaking these laws can lead to expensive fines, university suspension, loss of financial aid, and possibly time in jail. Eviction from university housing for breaking these laws is common. Anyone with a drug conviction, no matter how minor, may lose their eligibility to get federal student aid. For more information on NC State’s illegal drug policy click here.

Marijuana and the Body

Like all drugs, marijuana affects the body. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient that creates marijuana’s “high”, goes straight to the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, which are located in the brain’s pleasure, memory, and movement control centers. While the “high” may last only a few hours, THC remains in the body for weeks, and even short-term use can impair memory, distort perception (sights, sounds, time, touch), cause poor motor coordination, and increase heart rate. For more information concerning its effects onthe body click here.

Rate Your Use

Marijuana can be addictive, which means it has the potential to keep someone from getting what they truly want in life. If you or someone you know uses marijuana, is your use getting in the way of things? You can take the Marijuana e-CheckUptoGo survey to rate your use. Also, you can take the CUDIT R and find out how you rate. We are here to talk or answer questions for you – just contact us.

If you are worried about your marijuana use or someone you know, you can contact the following campus resources:

NC State Counseling Center 919.515.2423

Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention Education 919.513.3295 or 919.515.2193